Lynzy Lab ‘A Scary Time For Boys’ – Rebuttal To Feminist Hate

The left has a new anthem: “It’s a scary times for boys,” sung and written by  dance teacher Lynzy Lab. It’s everything and more you would expect from a feminist piece of art : condescending, one-sided, and of course misandric. Naturally, Jimmy Kimmel invited her to perform her piece on his social justice late-night show.

I decided to share the lyrics with you and provide my own response. I felt obligated to add some truth to the rhyming nonsense I heard in the song. Enjoy. Continue reading “Lynzy Lab ‘A Scary Time For Boys’ – Rebuttal To Feminist Hate”

Do you need social media to blog?

I decided I don’t. Not if I wanted to keep my sanity. And yes, social media has made me feel a little insane.

When I started writing this blog, I joined both Facebook and Twitter. After reading several expert opinions, I figured joining these platforms was a must if I wanted to get the word out. So, I reluctantly did. Being aware of the vast data collection done by these networks, I didn’t feel all that comfortable subscribing, but decided that it just was a necessary evil. Continue reading “Do you need social media to blog?”

Ruby Rose, Scarlett Johansson, and Postmodernism in Hollywood

Postmodernism ruins entertainment.

Hollywood has embraced postmodernism, and now feels the painful backlash. Since turning into a social activist program, La La Land’s priority is no longer entertainment, but appeasing anyone who is willing to feel offended. But you can’t appease postmodernists, no matter how hard you try. Shortly after Ruby Rose announced her casting as Batwoman, the actress deactivated her Twitter account. Her joyous news to be the first gay lead in a superhero series was met with harsh criticism on social media. Apparently, Rose isn’t lesbian enough to play the role. The actress, who is openly gay and gender fluid, was confused as can be about the nonsensical attack on her person: Continue reading “Ruby Rose, Scarlett Johansson, and Postmodernism in Hollywood”

Back To School – Please Don’t

It’s back-to-school time. You can now find hundreds of “back-to-school” posts with helpful tips on what to buy your kids, how to prepare them for the constant harassment, and what lies to tell them to reduce their anxiety about returning to the factory of bullying, boredom, and bull.

You probably guessed it: I’m not a fan of public school. Neither are students. And guess what, neither are their teachers. While it may sound like I’m joking, I’m dead serious, and I even have the stats to prove it: Continue reading “Back To School – Please Don’t”

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ statement shows Hollywood still doesn’t care about pedophilia

The cast of “Guardians of the Galaxy” released a joint statement demanding the reinstatement of James Gunn as director of the successful Disney movie franchise and explaining why his past pedophile tweets are defensible.

In their open letter, actors Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, Pom Klementieff, and Sean Gunn revealed that they “were all shocked.” No, not because of the disgusting, pedophile tweets of their beloved director and moneymaker James Gunn. They were shocked because Disney couldn’t think of any excuses to let the man, who published 10,000 of racist, sexist, and rapist tweets, make another kids’ movie. Continue reading “‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ statement shows Hollywood still doesn’t care about pedophilia”

‘Theybies’ – Raising Genderless Children Is A Radical Social Experiment

Is it a girl? Is it a boy? It’s a “theyby!” A growing (but fortunately still small) number of “woke” parents choose to raise their children “genderless”, NBC News reported. By referring to their child as “they” and “them”, these parents hope to protect their youngster from gender stereotypes.

“Gender-open parenting” encourages a child to find their “true” gender (out of many) without being confused by society’s signals.  But considering that over 99% of Americans identify themselves with their biological sex, is it really wise to put a child through the unknown implications of this social experiment? Continue reading “‘Theybies’ – Raising Genderless Children Is A Radical Social Experiment”

Eating Gluten-Free Is Like Drinking Diet Cola

In 2016 alone, consumers spent over $15.5 billion on gluten-free foods.  Avoiding this protein is certainly beneficial, especially to the 1% of the population who suffer from celiac disease. However, simply substituting “regular” products with gluten-free alternatives could not only damage your health, but also your wallet. Indeed, going gluten-free has three major downsides: carbs, cost, and chemicals. Continue reading “Eating Gluten-Free Is Like Drinking Diet Cola”

Superman Doesn’t Need To Apologize About #MeToo Comments

Henry Cavill, aka Superman, apologized for expressing his thoughts. No, he didn’t yell “Fuck you!” at the president of the United States during an award show. He simply shared his fears about how to appropriately interact with the opposite sex in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Continue reading “Superman Doesn’t Need To Apologize About #MeToo Comments”

Michelle Wolf – Celebrate Abortion?

“Abortion on demand.” “The stigma is bullshit!” “It should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s!”

During a segment of her new Netflix show The Break, Michelle Wolf stacked up one hogwash slogan on top of another. While none of it was funny (her laughing audience begs do differ), it sure was impressive how casually Wolf spread pro-abortion propaganda under the disguise of comedy. So, kudos to her and her team. Continue reading “Michelle Wolf – Celebrate Abortion?”

What’s the problem with men supporting Jordan Peterson?

Dr. Jordan Peterson, bestselling author of 12 Rules for LifeUniversity of Toronto psychology professor, and influential public speaker, has taken the media by storm. To the dismay of feminists and the radical left, the number of his supporters keeps skyrocketing. Both, men and women like Peterson, but you would never guess from reading most articles about him.  Whether it’s The New York Times, The Chronicle, or The Guardian, they all make sure to highlight the maleness of Peterson’s followers. Continue reading “What’s the problem with men supporting Jordan Peterson?”